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Purchase any pack of Four Seasons Condoms, use the unique code inside the pack, and fill out the survey below to redeem your 2 free condoms.


To claim your FREE Condoms simply complete the survey below.

FREE condom only available to those who have purchased FOUR SEASONS condoms.

You must complete the survey to receive your free condoms!

Your responses are valued as it helps us to continue to develop products based on your feedback.

Which size condom should I use?

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Length of erect penis along top cm Circumference at base cm

1 Outlet where condoms where purchased:


2 Who purchased the condoms?

  Male Female Both  

3 How often do you purchase condoms?

  Weekly Twice a month Monthly Quarterly

4 Why do you purchase Four Seasons Condoms?


5 How long have you been using Four Seasons condoms?


6 How often do you use a condom?

  Always More than 50% Less than 50% Never

7 How often do you use a Four Seasons condom?

  Always More than 50% Less than 50% Never

8 Are you ...

  Single Long term relationship Married Divorced

9 Are you ...

  Straight Bi Gay

10 How old were you when you first had sexual intercourse?


11 How old were you when you first used a condom?


12 What is your favourite sexual position ?


13 Have you seen or heard Four Seasons advertising ...

  Television Radio Billboard Magazine
Internet In store promo Sampling
Sex education None

14 Did Four Seasons Condoms meet your expectations?

  (on a scale of 1-10,1 being poor, 10 being excellent )

15 What type of condom or safe sex product would you like to see developed?


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17 Your age


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